Jamaica has a hot new film that is creating quite a buzz called Diary Of A Badman. If you're in Jamaica the premiere is today, Wednesday March 30th, at the Carib Cinema Centre in Kingston and will be shown in theaters island wide. The film follows detective Simone Williams, a Jamaican immigrant to the US, who has always dreamt of working undercover on high profile cases. She finally gets her opportunity and goes undercover in an attempt to catch a notorious drug dealer, Winston Bailey aka Bucky. She falls victim to his charming personality and good looks, compromising her assignment. Lines begin to blur as she gets in deeper. Over time, Williams develops a close bond with Bailey and their loyalties are put to the ultimate test.  

Jacinth Sutphin (Simone Williams)- 'Diary Of A Badman'

Jacinth Sutphin (Simone Williams)-
'Diary Of A Badman'

The film's NYC based director, Diemiruaya Deniran, says the film's unique quality lies in the Hollywood-like portrayal of an undercover detective. Not to mention the fact that the protagonist and lead actor is cast as a woman. Deniran believes that black women are not given enough opportunities in film. His intention with Diary Of A Badman is to change the status quo.

Douglas Robbs (Winston Bailey AKA Bucky)- 'Diary Of A Badman'

Douglas Robbs (Winston Bailey AKA Bucky)-
'Diary Of A Badman'

The film consists of 11, mostly Jamaican, cast members which includes lead actress Jacinth Sutphin. She is a talented actress, model and writer, born and raised in St. Mary's Richmond district in Jamaica. Prior to the film, Sutphin moved to the states to pursue her acting career and was excited to return home, now able to showcase her work in film. Douglas A. Robbs plays the role of Winston Bailey aka "Bucky," who is the target of the film's undercover operation. Robbs is a Crown Heights Brooklyn native, who is fond of Jamaican culture and people. 

β€œIn the film, you will get a chance to see the bad guy in a different light; you may not agree with his ways of achieving his goals but you will understand and may eventually agree to his cause of actions," says Deniran.

Check out the trailer for Diary Of A Badman here: