Bonds are unwritten. It’s a feeling, a connection, a similarity you have with someone shared through the same likeness. Whether you’re Jamaican, or one of those rare Los Angelenos born and raised in the city, have the same hobby, or drive the same car as someone, there’s always an unspoken bond within that. Somehow we’re all connected in this world, kicking and pushing, navigating our way through life.

"We Are Blood" the highly anticipated, most epic, skateboarding sports action film ever, explains just that.  The film’s trailer recently premiered at SXSW and shed new light on the Texas two-step.

The film is directed by skateboarding aficionado Ty Evans, in association with Mountain Dew Green Label Films, Brain Farm, XDubai, and produced by David Garcia. It follows pro-skater Paul Rodriguez, skaterific best friends Chris Colbourn and Jordan Maxham and many other skate greats, who you may or may not know but soon will. The film follows the group while they travel the globe to skate some of the most unattainable skate spots, while making new friends and creating bonds in various cities.  The film serves as a reminder that if you keep your nose to the grindstone, anything is possible.

This air popin’, jaw droppin’, tricked out skateboarding film is coming at you August 2015.

See the official #WeAreBlood trailer here: