Jamaica is mostly known for its feature films centred around the life of an endearing gangster. This year however, Jamaican/Canadian independent film “Destiny” sets off a new movie-going experience about love and romance on the island paradise. The film is produced, written and directed by Jamaican filmmaker Jeremy Whittaker and co-written by Paul O. Beale. “Destiny” is a refreshing showcase of Jamaican talent where Jamaica meets Hollywood, starring Karian Sang, Spice, Christopher Martin, Kerstin Whittaker, Sabrina Colie, Munair Zacca, ITY, Lyndon Forte and more.

“Destiny” will have it’s first VIP premiere screening at Carib Cinemas in Kingston on Monday October 13. The film will be released island-wide to all audiences on Wednesday October 15. Here’s to a new direction in Jamaican film.

Check out the official trailer for “Destiny” here:

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