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Photograph: Courtesy LA Beer Hop. LA Beer Hop tour guide

Photograph: Courtesy LA Beer Hop.LA Beer Hop tour guide

Originally published on Timeout.com

LA's craft beer scene has grown exponentially in the past few years, leaving beer fiends to wonder not if there's a brewery they want to check out, but when and how many. That's where LA Beer Hop comes in. Started by husband and wife Hal and Cindy Mooney, Beer Hop offers brewery tours on the weekends, offering three tours that focus on different LA neighborhoods: East/Central LA, South Bay and Long Beach. Tours last for 4-5 hours and are led by a knowledge Beer Hop guide, driving each group to three breweries while providing fantastic information along the way. No two tours are alike: on a South Bay excursion, you may be taken to Monkish, Three Weavers and Phantom Carriage one weekend, and King Harbor, The Dudes and Absolution Brewing on another. East/Central LA tours traverse the city from Mumford to MacLeod to Eagle Rock Brewery, while the Long Beach tour might include Beachwood Brewing, Timeless Pints and Smog City Brewing. And at $65, the tours are a stealβ€”not only do you have a built-in designated driver, but each brewery includes a sizeable flight, letting you try a wide variety and leaving you thoroughly tipsy (at the bare minimum). The Beer Hop bus arranges for pick-up at metro stops to ensure as little driving on your part as possible. And your fellow tour members? Well, that can all depend, but after a flight or two we're sure you'll all be singing together on the bus in no time.

For more info and to buy tickets visit: http://labeerhop.com/