Art-technology company VSCO is starting a new series called 23.5, which is named after the tilt of the earth's axis. 23.5 will explore cultural perspectives from around the world, and for their first series/installment they are exploring the religion of Rastafarianism. Titled I & I, the series will explore the mystical religion of Rastafarianism through the eyes of its elders and young artists in Jamaica, as well as giving the audience an in depth look at an elusive but beloved national religion. From 23.5 themselves:

"I & I is presented within a series of in-depth interviews, an essay by writer AnicΓ©e Gaddis, and an immersive photo portfolio by Alessandro Simonetti."     

The creative idea is well executed, and we cannot wait to see what more is in store for the learner. Check out the photos by Alessandro Simonetti and the essays here.

VSCO also recently released a compelling trailer for the episode:

Featured image of Addis Pablo shot by Alessandro Simonetti for VSCO.