It was a special night to be an Angeleno. Especially one who was born and bread in the San Francisco Bay Area. Two teams honored their best; the Lakers their longtime king who's farewell tour had come to a close, and the Warriors with their newly crowned prince Stephen Curry leading the charge to the best record in the history of the NBA. So, we did what any self-respecting Angeleno does when faced with sports lore. We went to The Parlor in Hollywood. 

LA Socialite @erinpepper posted a photo of the emotions flying high at The Parlor in Hollywood.

That was the setting. Kobe: the heart of Los Angeles basketball for past 20 years, had completed his farewell tour, the shoe releases, Kendrick's tribute, the city was buzzing. Now, it was nearly complete and he was ready to take on his last fight with father time on the court.

Meanwhile, up north in Cali, Stephen Curry and the Warriors were looking to make history. They needed one more win to complete their historic season, and Steph only needed 11 more three pointers to hit 400.  

As a Bay Area Angeleno, my sports existence is rife with conflict. The city I live in, dislikes my teams, to say the least. Truthfully, people hate them. Our baseball rivalry goes all the way back to New York and Brooklyn. Tonight though, it felt like two long rivals, celebrated the accomplishments of the other. 

The Lakers made it a point to thank Kobe for his years with the team.

You've earned it #ThankYouKobe

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Kobe was magnificent. As was Steph and the Warriors. Steph got to 400 three-pointers, before anyone else could get to 300; and the Warriors set the season mark for wins. Kobe put on a show that only cemented his legacy, his bravado. He dropped 60. Won the game for the Lakers, and had touching tribute after tribute throughout the contest. It was a magical night.

Moments like these drive home why sports are so special to cities and it's people. It unites us. Divides us. As someone who plays both of these roles with my city, I believe I found the perfect marriage last night while watching both games. Celebrating both accomplishments. Mamba out, Steph and the Dubs in.      

Featured image courtesy of The Lakers on Instagram.