Social media culture is growing in Jamaica and an increased number of public figures are reaping the benefits of amping up their Instagram game. So much so, we now have "break out" social media celebs in Jamaica! Pop culture is definitely starting to “pop” here on the isle.

We went through countless Instagram accounts of our favorite public figures (like over 60 of them) and came up with our Top 10 Jamaican Grams that you should be following, immediately. This was not an easy task. There were so many Jamaican Instagram accounts that we liked and  the ones picked narrowly made the cut. Still, one thing is clear, social media personalities/celebrities in Jamaica are definitely seeing the importance of having a fresh and interesting Instagram account.

With layout, followers, engagement and marketing potential in mind, here are our top ten Jamaican Grams for 2016:

ZJ Rush

 ZJ Rush @yrushmusic
Thirstrap, a popular Zip Jock DJ, engages his followers with his fit physique and charm. We love the level of quality his photos possess, and this seems to fuel everything: from engagement to followers. The ZJ is pretty consistent with his content, but we'd suggest a bit more fitness posts. Ladies what say you? Go “Rush” and check out his page, we dare you not to feel the same. 


Denyque  @thedenyque

    The supergirl and swimwear designer/entrepreneur (WET Swim), keeps her fans engaged with nail art, short Vlogs of her singing, hangs with her hubby and chillin' in her “Tiger." Her page’s following has grown immensely, and it gives the viewer access to her interesting life. We also love how her sponsored posts don’t feel so, well, sponsored. So go and get super with the supergirl! 

Chris Martin

Chris Martin @iamchrismartin

This guy's a big deal. He ended up on our Insta feed a few days ago and he definitely plays the part of cool very well. From his selfies with Usain Bolt, studio time and his occasional after gym workout photos/videos; show the many elements of the star. This has lead him to grow his following to over 99k+ in a very short time. We think his focus should be an increase on the quality of his posts, while zeroing in on what works for his audience. With that, he could easily gain a 100k in less than a month. Go and be a part of the big deal business: 


Spice @spiceofficial

You'll never mind adding a dash of “Spice” to your day. An avid Instagramer, Spice is constantly popping up on our TL and we're always entertained. From her trips with the team, her family life, to her music, and most importantly, her funny side. This "Stage Queen" basically has a TV show on her Instagram. She is so entertaining, we're sure you would lose interest in Keeping up with the Kardashians and you'd be keeping up with her! Go ahead, add some “Spice” to your timeline.

Kaci Fennell

Kaci Fennell @kacifen
Model and now popular pageant queen, Kaci, brings the good content and has fans "gagging” all day-everyday. From in-between her modeling shoots, special appearances, her controversial (but fun) “Fenmade” blog posts, her adventures with her boyfriend Zachary, to videos of her goofing around with her family; she keeps it real and queenly at all times. Even though she doesn't post as often as some of the other on our top 10, when she does, she is genuine and interesting. She's currently in The City of Angels, so stay tuned to see if she gets her big break.

Kingston Belle

Mr Kingston Belle @mrkingstonbelle
Currently Jamaica’s top male fashion and lifestyle blogger, Rashade St. Patrick, formerly known as "Mr. Kingston Belle," shows us his "Isle" life with his well groomed Instagram. He curates photos of himself out and about at events, lunching with his pals, at fashion shows/events and his cross island travels. He definitely sells you the island life dreamscape. Go and Isle with this heavy hitter.


Toian @itstoian
The beautiful & soulful artiste Toian just had to be on our list. From the layout of her feed to her beauty, you'll never have to think twice about following her. Yet, she keeps her gram to her working life, and rarely gives us a glimpse of her more private affairs. We would love to get more in tune with her personal life and get to know the real Toian. Despite this, she remains one of our faves. Now go and check out her photo shoots. 

Quite Perry

Quite Perry @quiteperry
The guy who wants everyone to have a good laugh, took over the summer of 2015. From his hilarious skits to his on point wit, his gift garnered 177k+ followers on Instagram. Now he has managed to turn that following into a potential for revenue. This Jamaican comedian is someone to watch to get a good laugh and, if you’re in LA, Perry offers a good way to get a feeling of "Yaad." 

 Image captured by  @coreymus

Image captured by @coreymus

Yendi Phillips @yendizzle

Pageant queen and model turned media personality, Yendi Phillips has her head in the game and has the art of Instagram down. She gives us daily glimpses of her mother-daughter bonding time, hosting gigs, behind the scenes at her shoots, her fun dance classes and amazing travel. One of our favorite travel moments was when she toured 30 cities before turning 30. Now that's a way to turn 30 in style! Instagram for her is a pictorial blog and we love it! 

Asafa Powell.

Asafa Powell @asafasub10king 

Now to number 1 on the list, Asafa Powell. Asafa really understands engagement and his posts seem to always be timely. All his posts portray a certain character, a personality. He always keeps it cool, and now that he’s a model, it has certainly garnered new followers. From the photo-ops with Rihanna, "stuntin" on the "gram" with his fast cars, the red carpet appearances, his choice styling, or even on the track, each photo engages his millions of fans and endorses ‘gagging.' He is always leaving the viewer wanting more and anxious to see what is next. He also recently released a calendar, which is an example of how he understands and has mastered the social media game. Keep it up Asafa, and kudos to your PR team! 


Jamaicans are known for being great sprinters and have now sprinted to the lead of the social media game. We are looking forward to who the next breakout Instagram star will be!

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