Gabrielle Davis- Cevan Coore Photography Kingston,Jamaica

Gabrielle Davis- Cevan Coore Photography Kingston,Jamaica

This week, KNG2LA caught up with model and actress Gabrielle Davis from Kingston, Jamaica. We had 23 uncut questions to ask Gabrielle and wanted to get to know the young Jamaican beauty. Gabrielle Davis is an independent commercial model based in Miami, LA, & her hometown, Kingston. She has done major regional ad campaigns for Schweppes, and has recently appeared in Snoop Dogg and Jeremiah’s music video, "Point Seen Money Gone."  Gabby is also about to be the face of Campari’s latest Caribbean ad campaign, which is a KNG2LA exclusive. So you heard it here first!  

23 Questions with ‘Gabby’

KGN2LA: Where's your favorite place to visit in Jamaica?

Gabby:  One of my favorite places to visit in Jamaica would be "blue hole."

KGN2LA: What scares you the most?

GabbyRoaches scare me (dies with laughter).

KGN2LA: What's your favorite curse word?

Gabby: 'Fuck'  

KGN2LA:  What is modeling really like?

Gabby: Modeling is fun but also very stressful. Especially in terms of always having to look a certain way and maintain a particular body size for the job(s). You know, sometimes you just want to let loose - but you have to try your hardest to be in shape at all times. It is not always as glam as it seems. It can get crazy and sometimes the hours are super long. It's something I am very passionate about, so I don't often find time to complain.

KGN2LA: What is your must-have beauty product?

GabbyI love my beauty products, so it’s always hard for me to pick one that is my number one. But, I definitely cannot live without a good shimmer bronzer and a scented lip balm.

KGN2LA: Who's your spirit animal?

Gabby: Rihanna is my spirit animal. (Laughs) Badgyal dat enuh!! 

 Gabrielle Davis- Los Angeles

Gabrielle Davis- Los Angeles

KGN2LA: Whats your secret beauty tip?

Gabby: One of my (secret) beauty tips would be collagen masks. They (really) keep your skin looking young and firm.

KGN2LA: Vogue is on the line, what do you say?

Gabby: If Vogue ever called me I think I would faint (laughs). Then (I would) ask them where and when are we going to shoot.

KGN2LA: Who's your celebrity crush?

Gabby: Johnny Depp

KGN2LA: Name one thing that many people don't know about you?

Gabby: I’m very indecisive; especially when deciding what to eat. It's like a math equation.

KGN2LA: Whats your favorite social media app and what’s your handle?

Gabby: The social media app that I love at the moment would have to be Snapchat. Follow me: badgyalzilla.

KGN2LA: What TV show would you kill to have a cameo on?

Gabby: I’m more into Netflix series, so I'd kill to do an interview with Chelsea Handler. She’s boss!

KGN2LA: What are 3 things you look for in a man?

Gabby: Three things I look for in a man are a good sense of humor, nice teeth & he has to have good style.

KGN2LA:  Do you have a hidden talent?

Gabby: I can whine and twerk well (laughs). It's so awkward saying that.

KGN2LA: What advice would you give your younger self?

Gabby: Have more confidence and do not doubt yourself so much. Anything can be accomplished. 

KGN2LA: Red or White wine?

Gabby: Red wine is a must. #MerlotQueen

KGN2LA: Who's your model icon?

Gabby: Naomi Campbell

 Gabrielle Davis for Purple Jade Jewellery

Gabrielle Davis for Purple Jade Jewellery


KGN2LA: What's your favorite song out right now?

Gabby- "Round Whippin" by A Chal. I have a deep love for urban music.

KGN2LA: Between Chris Brown, Drake, and Party Next Door, who would you fuck, marry, and kill?

Gabby: I would kill Party Next Door, fuck Chris Brown, and marry Drake.

KGN2LA: Describe your style in one word.

Gabby: Eccentric. I love to switch things up.

KGN2LA: If you could raid a female celebrity's closet, who would it be?

Gabby: Kylie Jenner or Gigi Hadid.

KGN2LA: What's the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?

Gabby: The most romantic thing a guy has ever done is hop on a plane to surprise me with a promise ring.

KGN2LA: Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton?

Gabby: Hilary Clinton. She’s the best out of them both.

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