Kingston to LA traveled down to Grizzly's Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica to get some good summer vibes at one of Jamaica's biggest EDM & soca events, EDX Jamaica. There was no rest for the weary party goer, as the event was a 24-hour dance party, with only a 4-hour break in-between the day and evening portions. The day/beach party started at 10am and was headlined by the Soca Queen, Alison Hinds. The second half of the festival picked up in the evening and that's when it got live, with performances by Gazzo, Gareth Emery, Bad Royale, DJ Tofte and DJ Firestarter. 

The day party had our waistlines moving and our minds vibing thanks to the preferred drink of the day, Appleton Estate Rum. What's more amazing than soca music, island rum, gorgeous Caribbean women and being in Jamaica? Yeah, nothing.  

The evening event kicked off with DJ Tofte on the turntables and moved through the night like a freight train, as each act delivered the island a true EDX experience. Bad Royale (one of Mad Decent's most popular groups) featured up and coming singer Kim Nain (who will be featured on KNG2LA soon) and wowed the crowd with their live performance of the new single, "What You Wanna Do?" A long day turned into a long night. Yet, with so many good vibes going around, we didn't even notice. 

Again, EDX was an experience to behold. Check out a few of our highlights below and keep up with EDX Jamaica here:

Check out Bad Royale's latest hit single "One Puff."