In a short amount of time, Eesah has become one of Jamaica's most talked about new artists, known for his cross-genre flow and unmistakable charisma. Many music aficionados have been asking, "Who is Eesah?"

Spending ten years as a youth in Jamaica's St. Thomas Parish, the name Eesah is a reflection of the region's signature chat. For example, locals use the expressions, "yes sah," "how you doing sah?" "you good sah?" and of-course when something is extraordinary, a positive affirmation of its greatness is "dat bad" followed with St. Thomas' spirited lingo, "sah." Spinning off the term "dat bad ee-sah." It's an acknowledgment of the upful vibes of the island, now being showcased through the musical artist, Eesah.

With this backstory, you can overstand the reference. Eesah, his sound, the producers he works with, his lyrical flow, it bad sah. Growing up in Vineyard Town's McGregor Gully area, Eesah was influenced by many different types of music. His cadence is hip-hop at its core, pulled together by a dancehall realness, all the while executed through a reggae consciousness. Eesah has long been working as a composer and songwriter alongside some of Jamaica's most successful artists and producers, including Chronixx and Teflon of Zincfence Records. However, he's quickly becoming known for his own music. Recent tunes such as "Password," "Big Dream," and "Run Ova Dem," are capturing listeners on local and international radio, with many DJ's tweeting the artist about their love for his sound.

 Eesah performing live at Stone's Throw in Kingston Jamaica, Reggae Month 2017.

Eesah performing live at Stone's Throw in Kingston Jamaica, Reggae Month 2017.

Eesah’s music catalog stems from his 2012 seven-track EP titled Kannabis. The 420 friendly compilation won local support in Jamaica as well as touched fans overseas. Next up the artist released, Believe In Love, an album to spread a musical message of Eesah's own philosophies on life, love and freedom. Shorty after, Eesah co-wrote “Black Marcus," as a tribute to Jamaican national hero Marcus Garvey. This song initiated momentum to complete and release a duo project, Lords of the Land, a six-track set of works released the following January. “Will Power," became the leading track on the Lords of the Land project, with renowned DJ, David Rodigan of BBC Radio, tweeting about the tune as “one of the most refreshing new songs outta Jamaica."

More recently in 2016, Eesah's song "Perfect Tree" was featured on the Chronixx mixtape, Roots and Chalice. The music video for the tune was also popular and increased the attention Eesah was receiving from reggae fans. Namely, for continuing to put out quality music, time and again.   

As more fans become aware of Eesah's inspirational messages backed by seamless, forward-thinking production, so are DJs, radio stations and reggae-dancehall connoisseurs, who have begun documenting the star's ascension. Get to know Eesah in our exclusive video interview, here on

Listen to "Run Ova Dem" released early this year by Vybnation Records, a genre-defying tune about knowing the real from the fake: 

Eesah recently performed at Sippin' Live' at Stone's Throw in Mannings Hill, during JARIA's 2017 Reggae Month in Kingston, Jamaica. See more pics in our slideshow here:

From speaking with Eesah we've seen the artist's passion for his music. His belief in himself connects with that dream in us all, and the journey to discover that in ourselves as we move through life. His tune "Big Dream" explores that approach through sound and keeps us engaged in Eesah's journey. Listen to "Big Dream" here on KingstonToLA and follow @EesahMusic for more music coming soon.

Photos and video by RasMach Photogrpahy for KingstonToLA.