She is so gross:

That sentiment has been rampant this week. We thought we missed something during the Super Bowl halftime show. Maybe our feed was Beyoncé and all these other people watched a Martian?  Maybe that's how it felt.  

Have we become so anti, so weird that we cannot appreciate a beautiful performer making a political statement? The "Panthers," wearing all black, discussing police brutality, why are these issues out of bounds?

That's what we love about artists. They are our mirror. They show us who we are, in all of our faults, in all of our glory. That's what Beyoncé did in the end. She mirrored some of our greatest achievements as a society, and some of our worst ills. 

So, as fellow artists, we stand by Bey. We stand by her bravado, to be the mirror we may not like to look into. Sometimes that may feel icky, even gross. 

Btw she dropped her Formation world tour announcement the next day. 

Featured image courtesy of Beyonce's Facebook page.