Sun, water, paint, rain, soca music and more soca music! What a Bacchanal!

Last week was filled with Bacchanal Jamaica events, leading up to the highly anticipated 2016 Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival! So, now that carnival season has just wrapped up in Jamaica, we are officially feeling that Carnival Tabanca! Hopefully, you have been following our Snapchat and our other social media channels (@kingstontola) so you can understand why we are already looking forward to next year. 

Leading up to the official Road March we hit all the Bacchanal events including Beach Jouvert. The revelers were out in full with many local celebrities including some our our Top Ten Jamaican Instagrammers.

Bacchanal Beach Jouvert was nothing short of amazing! The beach the backdrop, the sun leaving everyone golden and blessed throughout the day. You know how it goes. Once the sun leaves, the night is on the mind and it gets crazy, but good crazy of course! Destra gave an amazing performance and everything ran smoothly. Man what a carnival!

It was our first time covering Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival road march and we felt the high energy all day an night. Kes, and Machel Montano gave amazing pop up performances and really brought the vibes! Check out some of our favorite moments below and pump with us at the different events, real time on Snapchat at KingstonToLA.