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A new artist making waves on the scene is Sabree, a soulful and sassy Jamaican singer. A multi-genre talent, Sabree fuses elements of jazz, pop, reggae and dancehall to create a unique R&B sound that has become her signature style.

KingstonToLA recently caught up with Sabree to get to know more about Jamaica's rising star.

KNG2LA: Give us a backstory on yourself as an artist. Tell us, who is Sabree?

Sabree: I graduated last year from Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where I got my Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz and Popular Music Studies. To date, I released four singles that are on my YouTube page. My most recent single “Betta“ is now streaming on most digital platforms. Music has always been my passion, as a little girl I sang on the school and church choir and would always enter talent competitions. One thing that people don't know about me is that I am a foodie. Lol. I think I am almost as passionate about food as I am music. Food is just amazing. P.s I'm not talking about junk food.

KNG2LA:  What’s the most important message you want people to take away from your music?

Sabree: My aim is to inspire women to be their true self, follow their dreams and never settle for less than they're worth.

KNG2LA: Do you feel like you have an advantage or disadvantage making music in Jamaica?

 Click here to listen to "Betta," Sabree's latest single.

Click here to listen to "Betta," Sabree's latest single.

Sabree: I often hear my music has an international sound which I think is true based on the genres I choose to fuse to create it. However, I am 100% Jamaican so that is definitely an advantage. I admire artistes like Chronixx who are out there keeping Jamaican music on the map and like him I simply trying to create music that appeals to people globally since music is universal. The disadvantage I would say lies in the amount of resources local talents like myself and others have at their disposal where marketing or branding is concerned.

KNG2LA:  What's your favorite part about making music in Jamaica?

Sabree: The fact that I get to do it with my friends and former classmates who are musicians as well. When we all get together and create, it's always a beautiful thing because we have so much chemistry

KNG2LA: What’s your creativity mantra?

Sabree: The fear of dying and not pursuing my dreams. This is what keeps me motivated. 

KNG2LA: What can we look forward to in 2018?

Sabree: You can expect to see my new single “Betta” topping the charts as well as the release of a new project that I am working on.

Listen to Sabree's single "Betta" here on KingstonToLA:

*Featured photograph by @alchemicphotography1 via Instagram.