Dancehall is now trending. Worldwide pop-artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Jamie XX have infused their recent albums with Dancehall's up tempo style. It's rhythm, attitude and rawness have won the music world over. With the advent of this popularity, it appears as though Dancehall artists are now making the visual representation of their art cleaner. Gone are the days of jumbled covers and photos with graffiti and other graphics to crowd the picture's space. The plain white backdrop is the new trend in Dancehall photos and cover art. If it ain't plain white, it ain't Dancehall, it ain't now. Take a look at some recent examples of this evolution in style: 

Dancehall choreographer and dancer Betty Rox placed her own spin on Rihanna's "WORK" ft. Drake. 

Mr. Vegas' Dancehall Dab

Spice recently completed a photosoot, with yes, Dancehall's signature white backdrop. 

Dancehall artist Spice

Road Elf, Voicemail and Razor B "I Need You" Video

Worldwide Dancehall choreographer and dancer Blacka Di Danca getting it: 

Last but not least, the video that sparked it all: 

Stay tuned for updates.