“I tried to listen to Lil B and my mind wouldn’t let me do it … can’t believe this guy is relevant.”

Former NBA MVP Kevin Durant tweeted those fateful words three years ago and his life has never been the same. The Basedgod Curse. Now infamous courtesy of rapper Lil’ B, took down Durant’s title hopes time and time again.

Lil B. The cursing rapper/warlock of the city of Oakland has mystical powers they say.  Some have been skeptical about the authenticity of the controversial spell but Lil’ B has started to make us all believers. His Instagram handle is Lil B is god after all. If he’s offended, outraged, or just plain moody, he can curse one’s NBA dreams with a subtle tweet.  His mercurial power is undeniable.

In the most recent NBA Postseason, the curse didn’t loom as large. Then, Lil B realized that James “The Beard” Harden’s Stir the Pot celebration resembled his signature dance a little too much.  Initially, Lil B just wanted a response from Harden. Just a little confirmation, without the confrontation. Lil’ B just wanted some overdue props for originating the MVP runner up’s now famous celebration. It didn’t come and THE BASEGOD CURSE was released.  It now lives inside Harden.

Lil B’ will be at Oracle Arena in his hometown of Oakland, rooting for his Golden State Warriors.  Watching his valuable curse ruin another baller’s dream of holding the NBA championship trophy. See his interview with USA today here and tell us you don’t believe in Twitter-curse rapper-warlocks.