“Out of Many One People.” The motto that defines a diaspora of people from an island in the Caribbean. Jamaica. From its British rule to its present day independence, Jamaica has always been this. Despite its portrayal in popular culture, we see constant reminders of this motto.  In its music, art, and now comedy.

Meet Prince Harry aka White Yardie.

Captain Jamaica. When you call for help but the help nah help you. #Wyardie #WhiteYardie #YardComedy

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White Yardie is a Jamaican exemplifying the different cultures of our island.  It can be a shock to some when they hear Prince Harry speaking raw Jamaican patois. For those of you wondering, the primary language in Jamaica is English. However we do have a dialect, called patois, that is a mix of The King’s English and the people’s slang. This dialect also differs across the island of Jamaica. White Yardie’s ability to speak such perfect uptown, downtown, roundtown and “country” patois, is truly hilarious.

Not to be confused with the UK’s other Prince Harry, Prince Harry aka White Yardie’s self-proclaimed mission to make us laugh sure accomplishes this feat. He uses social media featuring short clips, to poke fun at the islands diverse culture. He’s the Jamaican Eddie Murphy, with a raw style, and that Jamaican flare.

Most recently, White Yardie has been on tour in the UK, performing in front of willing fans at venues such as the Hangover Comedy Night in Wolverhampton.

Pree his “dead wid laugh” comedy on Instagram @wyardie!

Featured image courtesy of White Yardie’s Facebook page.