Summer is technically over, meanwhile in Los Angeles, the heat is still rising. In October, Electric Punanny will be turning up for the second LA based installment of their widely popular dance party. Originating in New York City, Electric Punanny is a dance party that boasts a unique hybrid of sounds, from dancehall to afro-beats and a nice helping of electronic music. This creates a home for the eclectic creative who wants to hear new and innovative global music.

The now well-known NYC dance party is the brainchild of Melo-X, Jasmine Solano and originally DJ TONE. The trio started the dance three years ago in NYC’s Sway nightclub. It became a place where they could express their love of global music genres; including reggae, dancehall, electronic music and hip hop.

Courtesy of @electricpunanny

Courtesy of @electricpunanny

Melo-X and Jasmine have stayed true to their love of music as their following continues to grow. Backed by the duo’s talent and drive, Electric Punanny has continued to blaze a path and became one of NYCs most well known monthly parties.

A Jamaican fun fact: when a party is really good, Jamaicans (and those that love Jamaican culture) are loyal to the party; Electric Punanny is no different. For their second time in LA, the dynamic duo will be on decks, with special guests Andre Power and Spill + Mantron.

KingstontoLA will be co-hosting Electric Punanny Pt. 2 in LA on Friday October 2nd at Las Palmas in Hollywood. RSVP for free entry before 10:30 pm, and experience the undisputed power of the Punanny.

Pree the signature sounds below:

Featured image by King Texas