You’ve really got to hand it to Khloe Kardashian. The bee never fails to tell it like it is. In a new clip from the massively popular reality show, Keeping up with the you already know, Khloe blatantly admits that Kylie Jenner, teenage daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner, “plumped” her lips. Ah lie!?!

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

No it’s true the verdict is in and Kylie Jenner’s lips are NOT real. But to be real honest with you, we already knew that.

We tend to agree with Khloe’s sentiment that if you’ve had some work done, then why not come clean? Kylie seems a bit bothered in the clip and seems like she would have preferred the reporter not ask her about the obvious.

Oh well, tough. Now that we have the truth, we’re sending Kylie mad props! She’s coming up in the fashion game, and is looking great. Fake lips and all.

Check out Kylie’s reaction to the reporter’s blatant questioning here: