Known for imaginative sets, innovative lighting and festive, colorful fashion, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is one of the most talked about adult carnivals of the year. It’s pure amusement, where one can almost feel the pixie dust in the air. As some die-hard rave fans may know, EDC was built from the LA underground rave scene in the early 90s. It has evolved from this underground scene into Insomnaic, one of the biggest producers of carnival/festival funk.

Insomniac is a festival production firm based out of Los Angeles, California, responsible for the annual EDC fun. The company has been keeping fans awake since ’93 and is known for producing some of the most fun and inspired events from the UK to Vegas, with buzzworthy headliners such as DJ Zedd, Skrillex and Diplo.

Pasquale Rotella, husband of former Playboy playmate Holly Madison and founder of Insomniac, took to Reddit this Friday night for his annual EDC “Ask Me Anything” series.

We created a mock transcript to highlight some of the most daring questions posed to Rotella:

Redditor Limittester: “Whats something that you were very excited to accomplish this year at EDC?”

Rotella: “It still being in existence and still coming from a place in the underground.”

Phi186: “Any specific aspect you’d like to see get bigger and better?”

Rotella:  “I would like to grow internationally and spread what we’re doing all over the world. I’m always looking to improve festival logistics and experience.”

Perhaps the most insightful query came from an EDC fan in Texas known as “PLURNT,” who took the opportunity to ask Rotella if the rumors were true, that a city was about to be added to the list of EDC tours.

Rotella: “Yes, we’ve been working on it. Good news is, the team and I have gotten closer to something coming together, but it’s not finalized yet.”

Shortly after Rotella’s interview, Insomniac counted Brasil as the newest EDC host town.

See the groundbreaking announcement here:

Two years ago Rotella’s own life experience changed. He became a father to daughter, Rainbow Aurora, with Madison.

 Rainbow Aurora. Photo credit: Holly Madison’s instagram.

Rainbow Aurora. Photo credit: Holly Madison’s instagram.

 The King and Queen of Electric Daisy Carnival and Princess Rainbow Aurora pictured here with Minnie Mouse. Photo credit: Holly Madison’s Instagram.

The King and Queen of Electric Daisy Carnival and Princess Rainbow Aurora pictured here with Minnie Mouse. Photo credit: Holly Madison’s Instagram.

One of the most interesting questions came from a fan wanting to know about life after having princess Rainbow.

Dumboldoor: “Since having Rainbow, has your perspective changed throwing these giant parties or does she inspire you more?”

Rotella: “She inspires me one hundred percent. Rainbow is always discovering things and looking at the world through new eyes. Her excitement inspires me to see things differently and always try and be a better person.”

Indeed. Although Rotella’s job comes with perks and excitement, it isn’t without real responsibility. Rotella explained to his fans that he spends his time while at the festival delegating to his team, and paying strong attention to detail. The way he sees it, things could always be improved and he wants to make sure he captures those moments so the festival only keeps getting better. Having the responsibility of a large-scale event especially one based around the history of electronic rave music, does come with its territory, which is why Insomniac started the hashtag #WeAreWideAwake.

As we know PLUR, the universal raver’s motto, stands for peace, love, unity and respect. Those are certainly words we should ALL live by and get accustomed to!  So, PLUR from us here at KingstontoLA to all you EDC and lovely peoples.