Performing on stage in front of thousands of people, we can imagine, would be pretty exhilarating. The raw adrenaline and energy inside a concert, singing along to your favorite song, its magnetic. The lights, the sound, the action. They’re all intricate parts, programmed and choreographed to create a spectacle, but sometimes, things don’t always go as planned.

So far, 2015, seems to be plagued with an unusual amount of celebrity stage injuries.  With many bands touring and summer music festivals around every turn, safety for festival goers and it’s performers is top priority. Performers rely a lot on the stage equipment and the crew, but they also have to rely on their own equipment, their bodies and in some incidences, their brains.

Enrique Iglesias couldn’t rely on his brains when he touched a drone mid-flight during his Sex and Love tour in Tijuana, Mexico on May 30th.  The drone is used to film a different perspective of the concert.

Iglesias reached for the drone, wanting to switch the view of the camera, when the drone caught him, red handed. Leaving him with a bloody hand and chopped fingers, a stained white t-shirt, and in need of reconstructive hand surgery. After a short time off-stage getting bandaged, Iglesias returned, bloody and all.

He continued the concert for another 30mins before leaving on a flight to LAX for proper medical attention. We wouldn’t recommend the “he grabs the drone” bit for his next show, July 3rd in Mexico City.

Touching a drone in mid-air is not a smart idea, as proven by Iglesias below.

The most recent stage injury in the news is Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl. He normally relies on his feet to get him swiftly across stage. This time, one got caught under the other and he had a nice fall, not really, off the stage at a concert in Sweden, June 12th.

In the midst of singing, “Monkey Wrench,” Grohl tripped and toppled over the stage, resulting in a broken leg.  Lying on his back in front of the stage, he announced, “I think I just broke my leg. I think I really broke my leg,” to the audience.

The band continued to play as Grohl took medical attention off stage. Later, to return on a stretcher with his right foot wrapped.  The Foo Fighter fought on and played for the rest of the concert, not stopping unless recommend by a doctor.

After the show, Grohl went to the hospital for x-rays, they revealed surgery was needed to fix the break. He flew to London for the operation, it left him with 6 screws in his ankle. Because of the severity of the break, the doctor ordered Grohl to lay low which unfortunately translated to the cancellation of all tour dates! TBD!

In a letter to his fans posted on the band’s website, Grohl expressed his sorrow and his appreciation for his fans and their patience.  He promises to come back when he’s able and give Foo Fighter fans the show of a lifetime.

Dave Grohl tweeted this picture of his broken bone. Image: Tumblr

One of the worst stage injuries to happen to a performer this year, is Slim Jimmy of Rae Sremmurd. He accrued a nasty thigh injury, June 5th, after slipping off a spotlight on a rainy day at the Governors Ball in, New York.

The enthusiastic, hip-hop brother duo were ten minutes in, on their afternoon set, when Jimmy leaped from a speaker box about to “unlock swagger” by doing a balancing act on a slick spotlight. It didn’t work, he fell straight through, shattering the glass lens and gouging his thigh open. Jimmy known as the “turn-up king,” to many, relies on his spunk and youthful energy to help him get through a performance, but this slip up, turned him down a few notches, for a day anyway.

After the horrific accident, Jimmy got back on stage, continuing to perform. Only after finishing his set, was he taken backstage for medical assistance. His brother, Swae Lee, stayed on stage to inform the crowd that Jimmy’s leg, “is, like, split open, I’m serious.”

Backstage on a mic, Jimmy expressed to the crowd he wanted his brother to continue the show without him, and that he also has a “big ass piece of glass,” stuck in his leg. If anyone had video, to post in on Instagram. He’s a solid Turn-up King!

The Governors Ball issued a statement: “After suffering an injury, Slim Jimmy was taken immediately to a nearby hospital where he’s in stable condition. The safety of our artists and visitors is our number one priority and our medical team was able to address this issue quickly and effectively.”

Since his injury, Jimmy has kept his fans updated on his recovery via Instagram. Apparently, milk does a body good, Jimmy is accrediting milk for his strong bones and quick recovery. He’s also posted that, yes, he will be back on stage, June 20th in Toronto Canada, ready for the next leg of the tour. SremmLife.

The first major stage injury reported this year happened to, Florence Welch, from Florence + The Machine, while performing on stage the first weekend of Coachella. Florence’s stage presence was as exuberant as ever, thus causing her next few shows to be a little more subdued.

Engaging with the crowd, during what Florence calls one of her most “favorite shows ever at Coachella,” she jumped from the stage, down to where the crowd was standing. Running from side to side, up and down, back on the stage and then back to the crowd again. As a hippie, she relied on her bare feet to keep her grounded, when her right foot happened to crack. Florence kept a strong performance till the very end, never skipping a beat.

In the following days, Florence reported on her Facebook, that during the show, she managed to fracture her foot. Although devastated, she reassured fans she wouldn’t miss any of her concerts, they’ ll just have to be a little less spontaneous.

Florence plans to be standing on her own two feet by the time the Glastonbury Festival in England rolls around. Already, a confirmed artist for the festival, when the Foo Fighters had to cancel their shows, ironically due to a broken leg from Grohl’s recent stage fall. Florence was bummed up in their place. She is now headlining the Pyramid Stage, June 26th.

This moment highlights as a huge moment in her career, being English and headlining at England’s historic music festival.  Kanye West is headlining the night of the 27th and one of the greatest English rock bands, The Who, will be returning to the stage and closing the festival on June 28th.

Florence + The Machine’s 3rd album, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,” was released earlier this month, solidifying the notion that there’s nothing that can slow Florence + The Machine down. Commenting on her fractured foot, Florence was quoted saying:

“This album was so much about making something from what was broken, so lets see what we can do with this.”

Take a look, as 9 million others have, at one of KingstontoLA’s favorite songs from their new album, “What Kind of Man.”

That almost sums up all of the stage injuries that happened to artists this year, besides a few minor, but still scary ones, like what happened to our home girl, Britney Spears, on the Planet Hollywood stage in Las Vegas.

Performing at her Piece Of Me residency on April 30th, Spears was singing and dancing or as she calls it, “bopping” along in heels and rolled her ankle.  Heels aren’t always the best shoe to rely on for ankle support.

On a surprise visit to the Ellen show in early May, Spears mentioned that she “tore some ligaments,” then announced good news that her Las Vegas residency had been extended for another three months.  However, Spears did have to cancel a few shows, per doctors orders, allowing her ankle time to properly heal.

Now that Britney’s ankle isn’t “driving her crazy” anymore, it’s a perfect time to catch a piece of her before the residency is up!

Being on the road, putting on a show every night or every other night is demanding work, it’s hard on the performers and hard on their bodies and tough on their minds. The effort and pure heart that all the artists, dancers, and bands give to any audience is felt in each performance and is astounding.

Music itself, becomes a part of our lives, we are surrounded by it. It’s art, it comforts us, it gives us a sense of belonging. Music is life.

We wish nothing but a quick and painless recovery to all the injured artists. We also hope, this trend does NOT continue for the rest of the season!

Be safe out there!

-Live it up!