About Us

KingstonToLA brings a passion for reggae and dancehall music to the streets of Los Angeles – offering a place to celebrate Caribbean culture through promotion, networking, marketing, and a deep love and adoration that comes straight from Kingston Jamaica to the West Coast. Kingston is the birthplace of dancehall music and a huge influence on Caribbean culture and reggae in Los Angeles today. Our respect and adoration for Caribbean art and music, fuels our drive to share this vibrant heritage across continents, bringing an authentic experience to different parts of the globe. With the help of today's technologies, we have become LA's number one source for dancehall and reggae music discovery.

For submissions, bookings and event marketing opportunities email Kalifa at kingstontola.com


Kalifa Madden


Originally from Kingston Jamaica, Kalifa is a digital strategist and pop culture aficionado. Now residing in Los Angeles CA, Kalifa realized she wanted to create a network for Jamaicans and Caribbeans in California and embarked on developing KingstonToLA.com. She considers KingstontoLA a platform to showcase the rich, vibrant culture of the islands from a millennial perspective. In between presentations, writing articles and meetings, Kalifa enjoys learning to DJ, discovering new music and networking. She is a huge fan of salsa dancing, NPR, reggae and dancehall music and travel. Her favorite place in the world will always be JAMAICA.


Ian Howard


A native San Franciscan turned Angeleno, Ian Howard is a Jack of all trades. As a public mental health therapist he assists at-risk youth in some of LA’s toughest neighborhoods. By night he works on his music as a rapper in the trip-hop band Old Habits Die Hard. As KingstonToLA’s Editor-In-Chief, Ian is the driving force behind the site’s ongoing discovery of new music initiative. Ian’s experience in the industry goes way back to his days in the band Camp Clovenhoof. As a songwriter and copy editor, he continues to make enormous contributions to the local independent artist scene.

Kat C.H.R


Raised on an island where Reggae & Dancehall rule the airwaves, Kat C.H.R stuck to her alternative guns. Growing up in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston, Kat was fed a steady diet of classic artists such as Stevie Wonder, Santana, Prince, BeeGees, and Earth Wind and Fire, but it was Rock that she felt closest to. At 17 she taught herself how to play the guitar and write music and almost instantly became the future of Jamaican alternative music culture. In addition to her musical projects, Kat is also an independent event promoter responsible for the growth of the alternative music scene in Jamaica through events such as Altered Fridays and Artopia. She is also a philanthropist having organized a major fundraiser – Hu$tlin’ for Haiti – to raise funds to assist with Jamaica Red Cross aid in Haiti. Find out more about Kat here! We’re proud to have Kat on board as a regular contributor!

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